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One More Mile Parent Child Edition One More Mile Parent Child Edition
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Days : 1 Season: Summer

One More Mile – Parent Child Edition!!! An Interactive City Based Race
Prizes worth Rs 35,000
Parents and Kids compete with other Parent and Kid teams in an Interactive City Based Race. 

OMM is not another event where you race around the city. OMM is a fun race in which a Parent and Child team compete against other teams. OMM will enable and engage each team to Compete, Emote, Show Skills, Identify Strengths, Create new Experiences, Connect and Re-Connect within and outside teams. 

We thought OMM might also help parents to understand:
What kind of team do you make with your child?
What are some of the skills and strengths your child has?
Compete or collaborate what is the child’s strength?

And we are sure kids can learn a lot about their parents during the race however we ain’t gonna say what!!!!!! 

So what is the team size?
2-member team 1 parent and 1 Child (Mother / Father and Son / Daughter).

Age limit?
Parents 18 to 70 Years
Kids 8 to 60 Years

What would be the mode of transport during the race?
Choice is yours!!!! Though we can give you some options (not provided by us):
Car, Cycle, Bike, Bus, Richshaw, Tonga, Metro, Horses

What is the duration of the event?
From the Flag – Off Point to the end should not take more than 5 to 6 hours; depending on fast you finish the race.

What is the date of the event?
27th April 2014

For Booking and Enquiry call us at 974-260-6745 / 961-119-9535

  • Reporting Time : 08:30 AM

    Flag Off : 09:30 AM

  •  Event Registration Cost : INR 1500/- BOOK ONLINE NOW

    Date : April 27, 2014

    Prizes worth Rs 35,000

    • Happy Miles Partner