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  • You combination of adventure & professionalism was exactly what I was looking for. Had a wonderful wonderful experience, thanks Puneet and the team. Great job !
  • Dated : 29-Dec-2013
    Posted by Sunil Patwari
  • Has anybody heard of a child's birthday party being celebrated cycling to the mountains ? Thanks Puneet to come up with such a unique idea :) and your team whose priority were the children at all times. I wish more & more parents became aware what Mother Nature has to offer us.
  • Dated : 07-Sep-2013
    Posted by A Very Happy Mother - Shivani Garg
  • Outstanding experience and brilliantly skilled people who know their job to the T. A big change in the way I look at myself & others now who cycle , thanks to you & your team Puneet :) God bless.
  • Dated : 19-Aug-2013
    Posted by Shraddha Solanki
  • You and your team are doing an awesome job. The event was very well organised, congratulations. It’s just the beginning; I can see it getting even bigger. Thanks for inviting me for highly fulfilling exercise.
  • Dated : 02-Nov-2013
    Posted by Siddharth Lulla
  • Our experience at the event has been excellent, in terms of taking care of the smallest things from the start till the end. The other thing about cheap led light bulbs this adventure group is that they make you feel at home which gives one the sense of human touch. Way to go ! Best wishes !
  • Dated : 22-Mar-2013
    Posted by Rahul Sharma
  • " Dear Puneet sir, I found you an amazing personality.. and I'm glad to follow you .. could sense a lot of positivity from you in just a phone call .. The thing I found common between us is that we both try to make people around us feel better, and you also don't judge people the way you told me.. Thank you so much .. Dil se :)" THIS TESTIMONIAL WAS SUBMITTED OVER EMAIL BY A CANDIDATE WHOM WE INTERVIEWED OVER THE PHONE FOR OUR INTERNSHIP PROGRAM.
  • Dated : 10-Mar-2014
    Posted by Milan Tripathi
  • I was on a madh to Marve ride with MCE and got into the boat at versova Jetty. To my surprise there was this small height man waiting for all of us at Madh Jetty. And for some reason he offered to pay for all our tickets. i wondered why? So i asked him later , Why did you do this , Puneet sachdeva? Is it because you run an Adventure Company and want to promote your tours and products. His reply baffled me. "Prashant, i am a cyclist at heart and all you fellow cyclists are coming to my village, Madh. Instead of struggling with change, i would rather pay up for all of you and make your ride more Pleasant".. And true to his word, he sticks to what he says. Happy to know you personally Puneet Sachdeva.
  • Dated : 10-Jul-2013
    Posted by Prashant Sharma
  • Thanks Puneet for putting me, my wife and kids to such a healthy activity - cycling. Your Inspiring talks along the journeys have inspired me to reach new Heights (TTR) and for my 9 year old daughter to cycle for over 32 kms which we initially thought was just impossible. Amazing! ~ Amit Chopra, Chandigarh
  • Dated : 26-Jan-2013
    Posted by Amit Chopra
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