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  • I was on a madh to Marve ride with MCE and got into the boat at versova Jetty. To my surprise there was this small height man waiting for all of us at Madh Jetty. And for some reason he offered to pay for all our tickets. i wondered why? So i asked him later , Why did you do this , Puneet sachdeva? Is it because you run an Adventure Company and want to promote your tours and products. His reply baffled me. "Prashant, i am a cyclist at heart and all you fellow cyclists are coming to my village, Madh. Instead of struggling with change, i would rather pay up for all of you and make your ride more Pleasant".. And true to his word, he sticks to what he says. Happy to know you personally Puneet Sachdeva.
  • Dated : 10-Jul-2013
    Posted by Prashant Sharma
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