Interns - Mumbai/ Chandigarh (2)

  • Internship Role Description:
  • We are looking for Interns to handle our Products / Tours section. Somehow writing Interns makes this feel so mechanical!
  • Potential Team Mates(PTM) with common sense sounds better
  • PTM with Exceptional English Speaking and writing skills. PTM who value time, ladies or gents who understand the difference between 10:05 and 10:10 AM
  • PTM who understand that despite having an appointment to speak with someone over the phone, after a Greeting the first question we need to ask is , “Is this a Good time to speak with you?”
  • We would Prefer PTM based out of Mumbai … ummm… and maybe Chandigarh for now. After week 1 of spending time with us in office / outdoors … that’s where we are naturally ourselves, would be able to work off a phone and Laptop, Voice Mail and Call Forwarding!
  • Exposure to Travel Trade Industry won’t add any additional points to your candidature
  • If you can connect with our philosophy that “Its not the Big that Eat the Small, it’s the FAST that eat the Slow” (it’s the title of a book which you could look up on google), we would do just fine.
  • Starting and Ending Date of Internship:

           15 March to 15 July, 2014, or 4 months from when you start.

  • First Month focused on Learning,
  • Second on Delivery cheap led light bulbs
  • Third on Excelling on what is currently being done both for tours and products
  • Fourth on Handholding the new entrants, should you decide to move on for future studies. We are fairly confident we won’t lose you to another employer!
  • Detailed as above
  • Stipend:
  • 5,000 INR as well as First Class Train / Bus Pass if required.
  • Flexible Hours, we are more driven by the work on the plate which needs to be delivered within pre agreed time lines rather than Clocking Bums on Chairs time! But we don't carry work from one day to another past 11 PM !
  • Future Prospects:
  • Depending on your aptitude, and the business need, you would get assigned to the products section or the tours one for 2 months at a time, such that in 4 months you get a holistic experience, which holds you in good stead post your internship.
  • Long term employment, for the lack of a better word, would open up basis enthusiasm level, delivery and other traits which we are sure they will never teach you in Harvard Business School!