.:. About Us

 AA Team

AdventureAgain started in 2007, when our Chief Exploring Officer, CEO, was still a part of the corporate world. He retired at 33, a year later.  4 Years of Running Private Tours for India and Foreign Nationals right from Srinagar to Chennai, spurred us on to take this to the next level.

AdventureAgain, the name was conceived on 22nd March, 2012.  3 months and 8 days later we have tied up with 15 International Brands for Adventure Gear and over 50 Adventure Tours across The Himalayas , Maharashtra and South India.

We are heavy into cycling and our self conducted tours will be Efficiently Exotic Cycling Tours across various Destinations in India and Overseas starting early September. With a Dealership of an international commercial led lighting Brand of Cycles signed up on 29th June, we are super excited already!

A Values and Principles driven team, we have a vision to be on the cover of TIME, 5 years from launch date as the most admired company to work for, not necessarily one with the most turnover, though profitability is another story!

.:. Puneet Sachdeva - Chief Exploring Officer

Born in Chandigarh in the foothills of the Himalayas, toyed with Corporate life for 16 Years and came back to where he belonged, Adventure Again . . . . as an Enterpreneur.

If winning Road Skating and Cycle rallies at 7 years of age was not proof enough, he played Lawn Tennis Nationals too.

He takes to the Mountains as naturally as he does to the Oceans. The Brain behind AdventureAgain, Puneet is a doer, mentor and visionary. His extremely high standards of Customer Service drive the team at Adventure Again...

Tell him you are thinking of a drive out of town and POP.. he will wake up from the most sluggish slumber too!


Puneet M Sachdeva

.:. Ashish Niranjan - Strategy (Honarary)

 Ashish Niranjan


A sainik school product, Ashish took on to Adventure early on. Exploring cycling routes and spiritual monastries in Bihar came naturally to him. An avid trekker in the himalayas, a keen naturalist, a passionate photographer and now training for running marathon, Ashish loves to explore life in all its possibilities.

Its no wonder he is into the profession of shipping, where he is acknowledged as an academician and as a professional who excels with his out of the box ideas.

Ashish steers the strategy at AdventureAgain in a honanary capacity.

.:. Sunil K Bansal - Finance

Sunil steers finance for AdventureAgain in return for love and fresh air. What describes Sunil best is a Brain on Wheels. An Electronics Engineering degree was backed up by an IIM. Travelled the country North to South for various roles before he started trotting the globe.

Currently based in the US celine replica bags, Sunil makes sure we don't stretch far that we break. He is the voice of conscience and the man who is going to take the call on if and when to go to MSE, LSE and NASDAQ.

Milee and Shaun, his too kids, take up most of of his time other than work and camping in the outdoors is now second nature to the family.

A Trailer is on its way too and we are hoping we will be able to convince him to drive all the way to India and Back from the US.

Puneet M Sachdeva

.:. Sandeep Madaan - Operations

 Sandeep Madaan

A Stunt Biking Enthusiast Sandeep Upholds the Operations Flag at Adventure Again.

A Mechanical Engineering Graduate, Sandeep has a undying zest to learn replica watches .


This was his first formal employment full time with anyone, and in less than 4 weeks he has displayed amazing traits.

Life moves on. sandeep is now employed with Decathlon and in his spare time shares best practices on cycling with us. 



.:. Ramita Vyas - Brand Ambassador


An Evererst Base Camper at 18, Ramita epitomises the balance between work, family life and passion.

A hardcore Adventurist herself, she lives life to the fullest - Every Day.


Ramita Vyas

.:. Pankaj Singh - Operations & Partnerships

Pankaj Singh Manager Operations & Partnerships

One Man Army - Yes we mean it that is the best description for Pankaj. An Apple Certified engineer by Day and consultant by night and weekend for AdventureAgain. Front ends partnerships for us and and is the back up for almost everyone.

He is the man behind our website and telecom solutions. Troubleshoots and issues in any platform for computers be it Apple or Windows and tames cell phones with his wrong hand.

His toddler Ridhaan takes up quite a bit of his time at home. Pankaj truly lives the 7 Day Weekend. Thanks for inspiration Ricardo Semler!

.:. Prashant Sharma - City Explorer - Mumbai


Prashant Sharma, currently studying Law, freelances with Adventure Again in the Mumbai area. His ability to connect Adventure Again with other Events in different parts of India is commendable. 

He also spearheads the Fund raisers which Adventure Again does for other Budding Adventure and Sports enthusiasts.


Ramita Vyas

.:. 6th Sense  


She is a globe Trotter. A traveller, a naturalist and energy healer and balancer.

She brings to the table the customer's perspective. And we listen to her, because over many years we have learnt to trust our instincts about her instincts.

Simply put...

She is the 6th Sense in Adventure Again.

.:. Sameer Kohli -  Ombudsman

 A Mechnical Engineer from IIT Delhi and  an award winning script writer in Bollywood, Sameer is a Man who is driven by conscince and his kids.

Sameer has been on this journey since inception and has chosen to play of ombudsman for any issues that may crop up. Our challenge to remote control drones retain him on the team is to keep escalations to a certain limit.

He has an extremely witty side to him and can cack up a group into pangs of laughter with his one liners. 

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Sameer Kohli